Tactical Flashlights: a Great Review by Kevin Creighton

I have carried a flashlight for over 30 years. As a plant engineer, I found out early on that there was no way to predict when I would be in the dark, and need light.

As I went on, I began to think about the tactical aspect of carrying a flashlight – that is, being able to use it to stun an opponent, or to be able to aim in the dark.

I have written in the past about flashlights in general, and about the ones I carry, and I thought that someday I would research the different types available and write a review.

And then, I read Kevin Creighton’s review of the Best Tactical Flashlights at the Ammoman School of Guns blog. And all I could say was Wow.

Go read it, and make a decision. I’m going to, and I will share my decision with you.

What do you think?

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