I have been giving some thought to my participation in the shooting world, of which this blog has played a part. Admittedly not all of my thoughts are clear, but when are they ever? However, I figured that committing them to paper . . . er . . . bits would at least set for me a tangible goal, something visible, as a reminder of where I should be headed.

First, for reasons that are unimportant, I have not given shooting any real attention recently. Yes, I read Twitter and blog, and sometimes watch shows. But I haven’t shot in a match since last November, and I have probably only posted on this blog a couple of times a month. Even my wife has made the observation, and I have to admit, I am not happy with where I am.

That sucks.

That will change. Starting now.

So, for what it’s worth, here are my resolutions for the coming months:

  • Practice – dry fire, range time, all of it. I’ve even bought Ben Stoeger’s book on Dry Fire, at the example of Lee Bautista, and I now plan to read it, and use it.
  • Competition – the practice will lead to me resumption of USPSA shooting, starting in March. The goal here is to level up to C class by summer.
  • Blogging – I would love to get back to my one-time daily minimum, but for now let’s just say I will blog more. I have a lot of stuff saved as draft, and, like 90’s Saturday Night Live sketches, none of them are relevant any more. But, fortunately, new stuff arises daily, and I don’t see any problems.
  • Participating – I have been a member of the NRA for 20 years, and GeorgiaCarry.org for at least 5. It’s time I put some of my efforts to these causes.

Watch this space in the coming days and weeks.

Please Help Borepatch

As we reported a couple of days ago, our friend and fellow blogger Borepatch ran afoul of the roadway in Florida and wrecked his motorcycle, breaking several ribs and his collarbone in the process.

Being the supportive and kind people we gun bloggers are, Miguel at Gun Free Zone immediately suggested a plan:

Training Wheels for Borepatch start

We have proudly stepped up to help.

Training Wheels for BorepatchPlease give.


Of course, it occurred to me that if he were wearing his kilt at the time of the accident, we may need to raise the target, to pay for rehab for the First Responders.

More to come.

New Addition to the Blog Roll


I started following Elizabeth Finch (@efinch) today, because of some comments she made about a new gun law under consideration here in Georgia. When I clicked through the link in her bio, I discovered a new blog, Bullets and Batter.  It’s an interesting mix of shooting and cooking, both of which you know I enjoy, although I separate my blogs into this one and Bacon and Boomsticks.

Check it out!

Who Is Rooster?

As you may notice, I don’t use my real name when I post on this blog, nor on my Twitter account. Recently another gun blogger opined that all gun bloggers should use their real name if they want to be taken seriously by gun manufacturers.

I thought I would address the issue of anonymity, and why I choose it.

Throughout history, people have chosen to remain anonymous for many reasons. For some like Poor Richard, the threat to their families and property, were they revealed, was obvious.

My reason boils down to essentially the same thing – I don’t need the hassle if certain people find out what I do here. However, unlike Poor Richard, my work wouldn’t be seen as seditious as much as it might be misunderstood.

You see, I am an engineer by training, and a recruiter by profession. I have professional relationships with clients and candidates who need to have confidence in me and my skills, in order to complete the transaction that I bring them together to fulfill. Only when those two groups find peace with each other do I get paid.

Now, as we know, there are people in this world who do not understand guns, and who, in fact, fear them. The incident in Newtown, Connecticut, last December has shown that this fear is pervasive, and doesn’t respond to logic or reason.

Somewhere, the sets of [customers and candidates] and [those ignorant or hostile to guns and gun owners] intersects, and I don’t see any point in making that an issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not misleading any of my clients or my candidates. In fact, when the time is right, I’ve made it known clearly. I even work with some gun manufacturers.

But the truth is, it doesn’t matter whether most of my clients or candidates know I write this blog, because it doesn’t affect how I fill jobs.

Now, that other blogger seems to assume that my goal with this blog is to impress gun manufacturers.

But I write the blog because I like shooting and I like to share what I like with other people who like shooting. If that includes gun manufacturers, that’s great, but they should not expect me to bow down and give them a Guns&Ammo review just because they like me. In fact, you can look at my reviews and see that I tell it like it is, and that may not be good for a manufacturer if they can’t live up to our standards.

Interestingly, the companies I do reviews for know me by my name. They trust me to give them an honest opinion, and I do.

And, when I attend industry events, or visit the gun show or a gun shop, I have calling cards with my name on them. I introduce myself as “Rooster* of the Fill Yer Hands gun blog.”

But to me that’s no different than introducing myself to prospective engineering clients as “Rooster* of the Fill Yer Jobs Staffing Agency.”

After all, it’s who I am.




* I use my real name. Duh.

Being Friendly

I apologize for the lack of postings recently. I am starting a new job – details to follow – and, as with any new venture, my time is spoken for.

However, I wanted to take the time this morning to reach out to my readers, and ask for your help. I want to interact more with you.

If you know of shooting blogs or podcasts I should check out, please leave me a comment and I will check them out.

Speaking of which, I was contacted by the Armed Lutheran, and I added him to my blog list. Check out his blog, there is a lot of really useful information there, including a lot of stuff on anti-gun organizations. Thank you, sir! As an armed Baptist, I salute you.

When the Balloon Goes Up! Launches Online Store for Gear That Just Works

Ron Larimer at the When The Balloon Goes Up! blog has launched a new online store. He sent me a link to it some time back, and I must say, I think he has done it right. The store concentrates on gear for concealed carry, preparedness, and competition pistol shooting, and he has done a great job in picking the leading products in each, products with a reputation for no-nonsense quality and performance.

Personally, I am a big fan of Warren Sevigny sights, and when I get a chance to add another set, I plan to buy from Ron. I’ll let you know my experience, for sure.

Here’s the announcement on the Shooting Wire. Check out the new site.

Glocking Tall

After shooting the GSSF match on Sunday, I was on Twitter, and I did a simple search for “GSSF.” one of the tweeters who showed up the most was @GlockingTall, who is Andy at the blog Glocking Tall.

One thing led to another, and Andy asked me to contribute a post about the modifications I’ve done to my Glock for GSSF. Check it out.

Thanks, Andy, for having me, and I look forward to contributing more about Glocks in the future.