Moving Along

Starting point

Now, I know that’s the kind of title I might use if I were announcing I was closing down my blog.

On the contrary. I mean quite the opposite.

Those who follow me here, or on Twitter or on Facebook or my other blog, Plumb Mad Dog Mean, know that since last March I have been fighting leukemia. Between that and keeping life going, it’s about all I have had time or energy for.

The last USPSA match I shot was on February 27, 2016. I looked at this match as the last one I would shoot before qualifying for Senior in March. I was right, but it was also the last match I would shoot before being diagnosed with leukemia on March 15.

I must confess, thanks to a suppressed immune system, and not really feeling like going to the range, I haven’t fired a gun since that match. But all of that is going to change.

I have come to realize, the hard way, that life is short. There are things I enjoy in life, and I owe it to myself to devote some time and energy to those, and to enjoy them to their fullest.

So, I have put together a set of goals that I want to reach, before the anniversary of my transplant on June 28:

  1. Post to this blog at least once a week, preferably more.
  2. Post to Twitter and Facebook at least daily.
  3. Devote time each day in my office dry firing. (This is one advantage of working from home!)
  4. Work on my physical strength and endurance so I can compete decently. After all, I have lost quite a bit of weight, and I need to take advantage of that, and regain my strength. I may even try to find a coach or other training so I can get my stamina back.
  5. Start competing regularly in USPSA and GSSF.
  6. Move up from D class to C class in USPSA Production.
  7. Look into other aspects of shooting sports to see if I want to give them a try:
    • Reloading
    • Open shooting
    • 3-gun
    • Sporting clays
  8. Attend the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta.
  9. Be more involved in GeorgiaCarry.
  10. Renew my Glock Armorer certification.

So, look for more posts. The ones involving these goals will be tagged Moving Along.

Name The AR – Finalists

I asked for help, and several followers responded! Here are the suggestions. I’ve left out the sources, as I don’t want to influence anyone.

  • Steve Nash – Short, not flashy and gets the job done.
  • Eugene
  • High-Speed Low-Drag Uber Delta
  • Tanto
  • Ol’ Painless – named in honor of Jessie Ventura’s mini-gun in Predator
  • Justice
  • Freedom – Only a free society, one which respects the Second Amendment, would uphold the right of a citizen to assemble a fully functional firearm with parts from vendors across this great nation. Your AR was completed because of interstate commerce, commerce initiated by the free speech to advertise those components on the Internet, and of course, the right to own the device itself.

Go give it a go.

Project Vera Update – At Last, All Together


With the arrival of the final piece, and some scrounging, I have arrived at the final configuration of my AR-15.

I mounted the Tasco Pro Point red dot sight on the riser mount I bought at the gun show. I also installed an 8 inch piece of Magpul rail to the front handgaurd, so I could install a foregrip.

With that, it is complete.


At last.

For what it’s worth, the whole thing, with a fully loaded 30 round PMAG (yes, I am rich) weighs in at 9.4 pounds.

Late yesterday I used a laser bore sighter to sight the red dot at 36 yards, and then co-witnessed the iron sights to the red dot.

Now, for a cleaning and oiling, and a drive to the range. After all, I bought 4 PMAGs and ammo some time last fall.

Project Vera Update – Breaking News


The Fed Equis man dropped a small box on my front porch about a half hour ago, and the cam pin was among the pieces inside. Actually, since the shipping was the same, I ordered 2 cam pins, and a firing pin, and 2 firing pin retainer pins.

Now to put it all together, and hit the range later in the week.

As you might remember, Vera was a placeholder name for this project, so . . .

Coming Soon: Name The AR.

Project Vera Update 4


  • The UPS shipping report for the Upper from Palmetto State Armory shows it to be in a truck for delivery.
  • Thanks to a thread on where members keep each other informed of available parts, I was able to find a bolt carrier, a bolt, and a charging handle. All from different suppliers. You gotta love the interwebz.
  • As far as I can tell, all the parts are on order and/or enroute.
  • Now all that is left is final assembly.
  • I still have to pick a name. Vera was a stand-in and is probably in consideration, but I am weighing others.
  • I added up the cost, and it’s an astounding number. I will discuss it in future post.

Give To A Great Cause


Honored American Veterans Afield, HAVA, is an organization which helps returning injured servicemen and servicewomen to better integrate back into their pre-war lives, by sponsoring a great variety of outdoor events like hunting and fishing.

Linoge over at Walls of the City is raising money for this group, and there are prizes. Go give, and sign up, and win something.

Project Vera – Update 2

I had saved enough money to order an upper for my AR, Project Vera, by Thanksgiving, but, like a dummy, I hesitated ordering.

Then, a maniac coward killed 26 people in school in Connecticut, and the AR world went crazy.

Two days after the incident, I ordered  what I considered to be the perfect upper, and the website said it would only be 1 to 2 weeks for it to ship. This was confirmed by an email from the president of the company.

Sadly, that was 2 months ago, and they tell me they have no idea when it will be shipped.

I can’t say that I blame that gun shop. After all, they are as much a victim of the panic as I am. They are a small shop, and I’m sure they can’t put much pressure on their suppliers.

So, I decided to look for another upper. Finding one that was in stock was difficult, until I found a thread on where the latest news of uppers in stock is posted by members. So I stalked it out for a couple of days until I found something I liked.

16in_m4_madnessThis is from Palmetto Stated Armory in Columbia, SC. Granted, it isn’t everything I wanted. It has no bolt carrier group or charging handle, so I will need to buy them separately (First World problem), and I’m not a big fan of the M4 front sight, but I can change that, too.

Here’s what we do get, though:

  • Upper: Forged 7075-T6 upper receiver, with M4 Feed ramps and T-marks.
  • Barrel: 5.56 NATO, 16″ chrome moly vanadium, 1 in 7″ twist rate, with chrome lined chamber, made by FN. Heat and pressure treated, then metal particle inspected, then phosphate coated.
  • F-Marked Front sight post
  • A2 Flash Hider
  • Sling Loop
  • Standard Hand Guards w/ heat shields

Best of all, they say it will be here in 3 weeks, which, coincidentally, is my birthday.

Now, to find a bolt carrier group and charging handle . . . .