Range Report

O’l Painless.

First Shot 2

On Saturday, I got up before the rest of the family and stole away to the WMA shooting range, to fire my new AR, Ol’ Painless.

It was a great morning, and I was at the range in about an hour. I joined a couple of pistol shooters, and a father and two sons who were shooting muzzle loaders.

I didn’t try to do anything very rigorous, but I did want to be observant. First, I set up my video on a tripod, and loaded a single round into Mag 01, and fired it off free handed. A still of the first shot is shown above.

I then loaded Mag 01 with 10 more rounds and fired them in 5 shot groups at the 50 yard target, resting the rifle on my range bag.

VID00004The resulting groups weren’t Olympic caliber, but they were okay to me, probably 3 inch groups.

First Target

The target has two 5 shot groups, plus the first shot. For the first group I held on the red center dot, and for the second I held a little below the top of the target.

My point wasn’t to produce an Appleseed group but to put rounds on target, which I did.

Subsequent targets turned out about the same. I also shot a 100 yard target and put all 30 rounds on the target, which was my goal.

Last, I shot a target standing, handheld, at 50 yards, including the last 10 rounds fired pretty much as fast as I felt comfortable shooting. I found 28 holes on that target, which makes Ol’ Painless a threat in my eyes.

In all I was very pleased with the trigger, and I soon got used to shooting from reset like I do with my Glocks. The single stage military trigger broke crisply, and I felt it was just what I need at this time.

Magazines were PMAGS and were perfect.

I shot a mix of brass GI ball ammo, and TULA steel cased ammo. I can’t honestly tell you anything about accuracy, except to say they both hit the target. It’s interesting to note that all the brass casings flew to one spot aft of me, while the steel cases all ended up about 5 feet in front of the brass.

The brass cases all ended up with a slightly dented flat spot on the case mouth, which was in line with a small indentation about half way down the case. I;m sure this is an artifact of the ejection process. I sure wish I had a high speed camera to see how they were being dented and dinged.

All in all it was a great range trip. I even got to shoot a box of 9mm, using some of my usual range drills.

Now, to save up for reloading equipment . . .

Name The AR – Finalists

I asked for help, and several followers responded! Here are the suggestions. I’ve left out the sources, as I don’t want to influence anyone.

  • Steve Nash – Short, not flashy and gets the job done.
  • Eugene
  • High-Speed Low-Drag Uber Delta
  • Tanto
  • Ol’ Painless – named in honor of Jessie Ventura’s mini-gun in Predator
  • Justice
  • Freedom – Only a free society, one which respects the Second Amendment, would uphold the right of a citizen to assemble a fully functional firearm with parts from vendors across this great nation. Your AR was completed because of interstate commerce, commerce initiated by the free speech to advertise those components on the Internet, and of course, the right to own the device itself.

Go give it a go.

Name The AR

SAMSUNGUp to now, my new AR-15 has been code named Project Vera.

Specs on this bad boy are here.

But now the time has come to give it a real name, and, like my SKS, I would like to ask for your help.

Please suggest a name for my AR, and tell me why, using the form below. Get your entries in by 11:59 PM EDT on March 28, 2013. Then, on Friday March 29 I will post the best, and post a poll to pick the best.

Thanks all!


Project Vera Update – At Last, All Together


With the arrival of the final piece, and some scrounging, I have arrived at the final configuration of my AR-15.

I mounted the Tasco Pro Point red dot sight on the riser mount I bought at the gun show. I also installed an 8 inch piece of Magpul rail to the front handgaurd, so I could install a foregrip.

With that, it is complete.


At last.

For what it’s worth, the whole thing, with a fully loaded 30 round PMAG (yes, I am rich) weighs in at 9.4 pounds.

Late yesterday I used a laser bore sighter to sight the red dot at 36 yards, and then co-witnessed the iron sights to the red dot.

Now, for a cleaning and oiling, and a drive to the range. After all, I bought 4 PMAGs and ammo some time last fall.