It’s my Anniversary

Hard to believe, but today is my Glockerversary.

In 1992, I changed jobs, and I forgot that I had 90 days to cash out my stock options. Fortunately I got a letter with 2 weeks to go, and I ran to a broker and cashed it out. I made quite a bit, to be honest.

In those days, I owned no guns. Really. But I had a hankering for one, so I started looking.

We had just moved to Alabama, and frequently visited family in the Atlanta area. After shopping around for several weeks, I was in a gun store near my folks and decided to buy, only to discover the guvmint requires purchasers of handguns to be residents of the state they buy in. Srsly?

So, back to Alabama.

Now, in the meantime my wife and I had discussions on what gun she would like. She really had no preference, except she asked that it at least hold enough ammo so that if she had to shoot at a home invader, she would be able to do so without reloading, “just like Bruce Willis.”

So on December 23, 1992, I was in a pawn shop in our town in Alabama, and there was a nice Glock 17, at a nice price. And it certainly met her requirements. Done.

And that’s how my first gun got its name.

Happy birthday Bruce!

GSSF Glock Annual Shoot 2020

On September 19, 2020, I visited the Talladega CMP range to participate in the GSSF Glock Annual Shoot XXVII. I will be honest, since I didn’t get a chance to practice much, I didn’t shoot as well as I could, and I ended up placing 97 out of 170.

But I must say, as usual I really enjoyed my time there. And I even got to see the Gunny Challenge, won by Brian Giovaninni of Savannah.

Coming This Weekend – the Hero of Canton Meets the Gunny

Gunny X blurredThe Glock Sport Shooting Foundation holds a number of matches throughout the US – by my count, 47 in 2013. If you won your category in any of those matches, you get invited to a special match, held at the Glock Annual Shoot at the South River Gun Club in Conyers, Georgia, called the Gunny Challenge. This event is hosted by Glock spokesmarine R. Lee Ermey, and is a shoot-off for the coveted Gunny Challenge Cup.

This year, the Gunny Challenge will be co-hosted by actor Adam Baldwin, who appeared in Full Metal Jacket, Independence Day, and several other movies and television shows. He may be best known as Jayne Cobb from Firefly.

Here is Glock’s official promotional banner. Personally I like mine better.

Gunny Challenge IXI have reported on the GSSF and Gunny Challenge before, and I will be there Saturday. If you plan to be there, please drop me a note,send me an email, Twitter, or Facebook. We’ll meet up.

Happy Anniversary

Gun Review - Glock 17Exactly twenty years ago today, on December 28, 1992, I went back to the pawn shop in a small town in Alabama, laid down four portraits of Benjamin Franklin, and left the proud owner of a Gen 2 Glock 17 pistol, which I named Bruce.

It took me a few weeks to decide what pistol to buy, then to find this one. Thanks to the Brady law, I had to wait at least five days to pick it up, after filling out the background check paperwork.

My next stop was the shooting range, where I got the break of a lifetime.

I’ve written about this purchase before, and I’ve reviewed it here, and told of its extended life here.

It’s on my hip right now.

Happy Anniversary, Bruce!