How To Prevent Mass Shootings

Like most Americans, I was saddened and outraged by the shootings last week in Newtown, Connecticut. My heart goes out to the parents, children, and citizens of that town, and the responders and others involved.

As expected, the media and the President have completely avoided the true nature of this tragedy, and, in so doing, will avoid the best lasting actions we can take to prevent them in the future.

The real cause of this shooting wasn’t evil assault rifles, or high capacity clips, or lack of gun safes. It was the concept of the “gun free zone.”

The people in that school, as in schools across America, were completely at the mercy of anyone who decided to come in with the intent of doing them harm. The same goes for anyone at a venue that has been declared off limits to guns.

That’s because criminals and nutjobs don’t pay attention to the signs on the door. And it’s not because the penalties for violating the gun free zone are too lax, as someone from the CSGV once tried to argue with me. No amount of penalty will deter someone who is determined to break the law, especially since the threat of life in prison or execution isn’t going to deter them from murder.

So, how do we prevent this kind of incident in the future? Simply, do away with gun free zones.

Of course, the first argument that follows is that armed children, or teachers, or anyone, would not be expected to be able to prevail in a gun battle with someone so heavily armed. Unfortunately this argument misses the nature of these incidents as well.

You see, it isn’t the armed teacher or customer that wins this battle, so much as the threat of armed teachers or customers.

Just the possibility of the presence armed resistance will keep our children and shoppers and worshipers safe. Why? Because the people who perpetrate these horrific acts are cowards through and through. In every instance, when confronted by the first responder with a gun, they kill themselves.

If you need proof, look my home town of Kennesaw, Georgia. Famously, every homeowner is required by a city ordinance to own a gun. And the theaters and malls around allow guns to be carried. And, as a result, the crime rate here is among the lowest in the country, and, more to the point, there has never been a mall shooting or theater shooting here, ever.

In fact, even normal armed robbery has been prevented on at least one occasion, because of the presence of civilians, lawfully carrying guns.

So, the real course to take is two-fold. First, enhance the care we give to the mentally ill, and develop a system to integrate their treatment with the NICS background system. This is tricky ground, though, because of health privacy concerns, and I won’t offer anything beyond that.

But, regardless of what we do with the mentally ill, we must act to abolish government mandated gun free zones.

As gun owners and consumers, we can do our part by avoiding businesses that choose to prohibit lawful carry of firearms, and make sure the owners of those businesses know we are doing so.

And, in the meantime, we must continue the course, and remind those who want to latch on to an inanimate object as a cause of evil, that it is, instead, evil people who are at fault, and evil people, by their nature, will merely laugh at your attempts to take their guns. And, we must remind them that the end game of any gun confiscation scheme they may enact is that only the evil people will have guns, and that they will then be at the mercy of evil people. By then it will be too late.

Blogmeet AAR

I was privileged to spend yesterday evening in the company of a number of other bloggers, for dinner and drinks and discourse, all arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Borepatch. The catalyst for it all was Sean Sorrentino’s visit from North Carolina on business. We were joined by Robert of the Second Amendment and Liberty blog, and his wife, and by TerriLiGunn of the ReloadNRetry blog.

As you can imagine from such a diverse crew, the conversation was literally all over the place. Some of the topics included:

Sean’s recent vacation in Europe. Suffice to say I am glad I live in the USA; how we got into shooting, and he we got involved in blogging; military experience, some overt and some covert; the absurdity of languages that assign gender to nouns; hair and lack of it; and how to deal with anti-gunners’ apoplexy over why we choose to carry a gun (thanks to Tam for supplying the consensus approach).

Interestingly absent from the discussions was any kind of caliber preference, either via rifle or handgun. I think we agreed tacitly that the best gun is the one you have.

We are starting to plan some kind of Georgia Blogger Shoot later this spring or summer. We are looking for suitable outdoor venues, and will be exploring them. In the meantime, suggestions are welcome.

I’ve Been Blacklisted

After some back and forth about a boycott of anti-gun blogs, there has appeared a Black List of gun blogs. If nothing else, it is a rather comprehensive list of gun blogs available.

On the other hand, if Big Brother decides to infringe on our First Amendment rights as a prelude to trampling the others, this makes their job easier.

Meh. Molon labe.

What Do You Mean, I Don’t Have to Register?

Twice in the last month, I’ve talked to gun newbies who seem shocked and concerned to find out that the guns they legally own do not have to be registered. When I explain that Georgia, and indeed most of the United States, does not require gun registration, nor does it require gun owners to be licensed or registered, they look at me like I’m a radical liar. In fact, Georgia only requires a license if you plan to carry the gun concealed or open outside of your home, business, or automobile.

In both cases, the people even went so far as to ask me why Georgia doesn’t require guns to be registered. Sorry, fellows, I can’t disprove a negative, all I could do is turn the tables a little.

Why would you want guns registered?
To keep track of them.

Why do you want to keep track of them? To keep them out of the hands of criminals.

That won’t work. Criminals are perfectly fine with robbing and murdering you. Why would they pay attention to gun registration laws if they don’t pay attention to any other laws? They’re criminals! So I’ll ask again,

Why do you want to keep track of them? I don’t know . . .

Here is why, from our cousins down under: gun registration always leads to confiscation, even from law abiding people.

The weapons were held legally by registered gun owners, but police intelligence revealed 20 had “connections to family or associates who were persons of interest to the Acer Taskforce team”.

Officers simultaneously hit 21 properties at 8am to ensure the licence holders were complying with all conditions.

A total of 21 guns – including 15 shotguns and ammunition for an AK47 rife – were seized.

The raids came after two men – one being convicted criminal Omar Taha – were shot dead at CBD Smash Repairs in Florence St, Brunswick, on Thursday afternoon.

A third man, Ali Kassab, 25, is believed to have been shot in the arm and leg and is receiving treatment at the Royal Melbourne Hospital while under arrest and with a police guard.

All three men were known to police and it is believed the shooting happened because of a $50,000 debt.

Emphasis mine.

Notice that police seized legally held guns, from people not involved in the crimes in any way, because a bunch of criminals shot each other up over a debt. But shootings aren’t supposed to happen in Australia, so they looked at their gun registration list, and found some “connections” “to persons of interest,” and went and grabbed the guns. Mission Accomplished, the world is now safe. It was that easy.

Few gun rights issues get me as worked up as registration. My two friends know that now. I’m sending them a copy of this so they know why.

H/T Days of our Trailers: Registration Leads To Confiscation….Always