Rule 5-3/4 – Don’t Put Your Gun in the Oven


Apparently someone put a gun in the oven, and it went off.

So this leads to

So we have. . . .

Rule 0. Eyes and Ears – Always wear eye protection, and hearing protection where warranted.

Rule 1. All guns are always loaded

Rule 2. Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.

Rule 3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Rule 4. Know your target and what’s beyond it.

Rule 5. Never try to catch a dropped gun.

Rule 5-3/4.  Don’t put your gun in the oven.


Obviously False News Report

Georgia man sentenced to life in fatal shooting over $13

This report also says the defendant was already a convicted felon. Since convicted felons can’t pass the background check to buy guns, this is obviously false.

Such bad reporting.

Or maybe he bought it at a gun show. Or on line.


New Gun Control Idea

Remember – you heard it here first . . . .

In an article I read today about a proposed Federal ban on magazines of greater than 10 round capacity, proposed by Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (D-Connecticut) who represents Newtown, Connecticut, I read this paragraph:

In the five minutes Esty took to explain her and her cohorts’ reasoning behind the bill she said, “Limiting high capacity magazines will save lives and we know this because it has.” She cited that 11 children escaped when Sandy Hook elementary school shooter XXXXXX* stopped to reload. However, the state attorney’s official report on the tragic incident states otherwise. The report says the children had a chance to escape a classroom when XXXXXX paused in his shooting because either the rifle malfunctioned or he had problems reloading—with no conclusion to the reason why XXXXXX stopped shooting.

(* As you know, I refuse to publicize the names of mass killers.)

The bold text is where I see a coming gun control effort – why not a law prohibiting reliable guns? As I see it, clearing malfunctions would be a lot more difficult than magazine changes, and, in the eyes of the gun control crowd, make us a lot safer.

The National Reliable Firearms Prevention Act should be coming by year end. Sponsors? I welcome your predictions.


Just in case, we should all buy 1911’s. They would be compliant.