Fellow Travelers and Other Random Stuff

Smile yall. No one is shooting at you.

Two co-workers revealed themselves as Glock owners last Friday. Both came to me, saying they had heard I was “the guy.” One has a G21 and is looking to replace the sights. I suggested Sevigny-Warren competition sights like the ones on Bruce, or alternately, that he take it over to Glock in Smyrna, where they will install a set of night sights for $55 while he waits.

The other co-worker, when I asked, first said he had “a couple of Glocks.” Turns out he has 5, plus handguns of other makes. Last fall he spent 3 days at Blackwater in North Carolina for some training. I felt very small.

We talked a while about training, and he is a proponent of formal training at least yearly. Interestingly, he doesn’t compete, but I think I have at least persuaded him to think about the GSSF match near us in July.


Friday night I found some ammo in my bedside table that I didn’t notice before. I asked my wife about it, and it turns out she had been collecting loose rounds from my pockets after matches and practice sessions. Nine rounds of .45ACP, six rounds of 9mm, and 2 rounds of 7.62×39.

Note to self: pat downs are in order.


After another review of home invasion plans, I’m working on an idea for the living room, to keep a pistol under one of the side tables, using a magnet to hold the gun in place, and an old holster to cover the trigger. I bought a magnet at a hardware store for $4, versus the “gun magnets” advertised for $25. I will report more when I get it installed.

For me one essential thing is to have the trigger covered, since I plan to store it there with a round in the chamber.

Then it’s train, train, train. Since I plan on using Bruce, my G17, for this duty, I’ll replace the barrel with my plastic training barrel, and everyone will get used to retrieving it while moving away from the stairs and toward the back bedroom, which is our safe room.


I’m borrowing a compressor and nail gun for a project at the house this coming weekend, so I’m also going to be getting some Duracoat coming. I bought an inexpensive spray rig at the hardware store, so that part is covered. Next, order a polymer stock, and the project is done. Look for a complete report with pics next week.


My NFML mags for my G17, which are being retired, and headed for a better place. Look for a post about them this week, when I have pics. It will be a lot more interesting that way.


I didn’t retire the old mags without buying new ones. There are three new mags in the closet, numbers 8, 9, and 10. More on them later.