The Zombies Return

AMC rolled out the trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead at ComicCon in San Diego last week. Enjoy.

I have to admit I enjoy watching the show, despite some gun handling gaffes and the needless (to me) romantic back story. Living here in the Atlanta area where the show is filmed, the scenery is familiar, and I suppose that helps. In fact, for about a year I drove right by the CDC headquarters very frequently. I only wish I could have gotten off work on the days they were filming, so I might have been an extra.

For those who like the genre, I would also recommend a couple of books by Max Brooks, the Zombie Survival Guide, and World War Z. The first one is just what it says, a how-to of survival in the post zombie world. The second is a fictional account of the first five years following the zombie apocalypse, and I found it to be innovative. It is the first book I’ve read to consider how we might apply modern conventional war tactics to fighting the walking undead. When you think about how much of our tactics is invested in breaking the will of the enemy to fight, then think about how that would work against an swarm of enemies who feel no fear. No to worry, though, Brooks suggests some new tactics.

Why my fascination with the undead hordes? I suppose on one level, I’m drawn to suspense and action as much as anyone. But consider, too, the motto of the Zombie Squad. No, not “we make dead things deader,” although I like that one. I mean If you’re ready for zombies, you’re ready for anything. Anything I do to fortify my house against zombies also makes it tougher for home invaders. And, learning to make 50 yard head shots with my Ruger 10/22 makes me a better shooter, which improves my competition score, as well as the number of squirrels I could take in season.

As I alluded to before, I might have to half-squint my eyes occasionally at the gun handling, like when a deputy tells another that he needs to remember to take off the safety on his Glock, but I have to do that half the time when I watch movies and TV any way. For me, the show is worth it.

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