Shooter Ready?

I’ve been spending the week preparing for the biggest GSSF match of the year, the Glock Annual Shoot at the South River Gun Club in Conyers, Georgia, this weekend. My prep has been a little more focused this year.

I did a deep clean of my G17 last weekend, and cleaned and inspected all my magazines. I have enough magazines to shoot the whole match without reloading now, so that will make my day easier.

I have been doing the Wall Drill for ten minutes every evening, and I can only trust that this has helped. It sure seems like the front sight is a lot more stable than when I started.

Yesterday, I went to the range at lunch, and shot my 100 round GSSF practice routine:

Using a 1/3 scale NRA D-1 target from GlockFAQ:

From the ready position, I come up and shoot one round into the A or B ring. Repeat for a 16 round magazine.

From ready, come up and shoot 2 rounds into the A or B ring. Do this for 2 16 round magazines.

From ready, come up and shoot 2 rounds into the A or B ring, then transition to a second target and shoot 2 rounds. Repeat 3 times.

From ready, shoot 2, transition, shoot 2, and continue to transition until the magazine is empty.

I was careful to use good form with follow-up, as I learned at my training with Tom Givens.

I also shot my Buck Mark a bunch. The work I did last weekend paid off. I kept the targets, but the first photos I took didn’t come out well. From 7 yards, shooting 1 round a second, I was able to shoot a ragged hole. At 10 yeards, I shot 20 rounds as fast as I could, and all 20 were in a 3 inch circle.

I also had zero failures to extract, which had been a source of annoyance for us at the range the last time we went. Part of the work I had done involved removing the extractor, cleaning it well, and polishing it with the Dremel buffing wheel.

On thing I noticed was the Browning extractor had sharp edges all around, unlike the factory Ruger extractor on my 10/22. I assume Browning’s manufacturing process involves cutting instead of stamping. In any case, the extractor was very nice, especially once I smoothed it up with the buffer.

I plan to shoot Saturday at Conyers, in the morning. If any of you plan to be there, email me and we’ll get together.

Otherwise, look for some video on my Youtube channel, probably Sunday evening.