Other People’s Money – revisited

As you may have read before, all my guns have been bought with other people’s money – bonuses, stock options, awards, and the like.

The company I work for has offered an end of year bonus, if we meet certain goals, which we are on target to achieve. If my performance matches last years, I will make enough in bonus to build a new AR-15. That’s my goal.

But I was thinking this through the other day, and I realize, as I’ve said before, that adding a new gun like an AR-15 means adding a new caliber of ammo for me to buy.

So, I’ve decided to amend this goal. I decided to take the bonus and make my first foray into the world of reloading. Then, if I have enough left over, I’ll build the AR. At worst, the AR will be my next project after that.

I’ve never been a great one for deferred gratification, but what’s working for me is the economic analysis. It’s sweet that I can shoot for half the price by reloading. And, if I buy the reloading equipment using other people’s money, it’s even sweeter.