I write myself notes all the time about ideas for blog posts. From time to time I get them together and try to make sense of them.


I found another shooter at work last week. He and I spent lunch at the range on Friday. He’s got a Glock 21SF like me, so we shared our experiences with them. I noticed his has the normal Glock magazine release, while mine has the ambidextrous SF release. To be honest I would prefer the normal release – I should have asked when I bought this one.

I was cleaning out my stuff Sunday and found an old G21 magazine, 10 rounds, that I’ve had 10 years or more. A guy I used to work with flipped repo’d cars as a hobby, and I was helping him detail a Corvette when we found it under the seat. I tried to trade it a couple times over the years, and I was disappointed that it didn’t work with my new gun when I got it.

Anyway, I gave it to my friend. I guess kept it all these years just for this time.


I’m working on a post about my Rules of Engagement, and it’s sparked some interesting discussion around the house. What started out pretty straightforward turns out to be more complicated than I thought. The post will likely involve not only my rules, but the process behind them.


Reviewing my traffic numbers, the most hits I get from Google are for my ammo reviews. Not that I’m writing for more traffic, but is that something I should be doing more of?