Announcing a Live Twitter Event

Wednesday October 26 is the 130th anniversary of the legendary Gunfight at the OK Corral, immortalized on film in several movies. To me the best is Tombstone.

Anyone who’s followed me on Twitter for any time knows how much I like this movie. When it comes on TV I’ve been known to live tweet it, 5 or 6 times.

I am planning to watch a video copy, without interruption, starting at 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on the evening of October 26 (01:00 UT 27 October).

I will be live tweeting my thoughts, lines, and other sundries using the hashtag #Tombstone. Please join me.


I’ve done some research, and I find it fascinating to read the eyewitness accounts of the fight. I especially like that the court testimony of all the participants still exists, especially that of Wyatt Earp. A good many of them are listed in the References section of the Wikipedia article on the fight.

Reading these testimonies, one reason I like Tombstone the best is that director George Cosmatos seemed to go to lengths to match the action they portrayed to what the participants said happened.

More as the day approaches. . . .