New Addition to the Blog Roll


I started following Elizabeth Finch (@efinch) today, because of some comments she made about a new gun law under consideration here in Georgia. When I clicked through the link in her bio, I discovered a new blog, Bullets and Batter.  It’s an interesting mix of shooting and cooking, both of which you know I enjoy, although I separate my blogs into this one and Bacon and Boomsticks.

Check it out!

More Twitter Accounts Every Shooter Should Follow

At the top of my blog page, under Links, is 135 Twitter Accounts Every Shooter Should Follow. This started with a post on the Gear Patriot blog, and I have updated it several times.

Here are my latest additions.

129. @ShootingUSA – Jim Scouten, producer and host of Shooting USA

130. @PantsFree – Robb Allen of Sharp As a Marble.

131. @Keith1911 – Keith, with a penchant for antique cavalry pistols

132. @MrColionNoir – Mr. Colion Noir of Youtube fame.

133. @PincusRob – Rob Pincus, Owner of I.C.E. Training Company & developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program. of Combat Focus

134. @urnbanarmed1 – Josh from the Urban Armed blog

135. @RonaldGAdams – Colonel Ron Adams, airline pilot, USAF pilot, and competition shooter.

As always, if you know of accounts I should follow, let me know. And, be sure to follow me, @FillYerHands.

Is The Message Clear?

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

We in the gun community use the phrase all the time. We know what it means. Don’t regulate our guns, instead, lock up the criminals. Yet, a person on the outside of the gun community doesn’t see it the same way we do.

Case in point: I ran across this today on Twitter, with the hashtag #guncontrol:

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Probably the most ignorant ass hat backwards slogan/statement ever!

My reply to this was simple:

The point of that statement is even if you remove all guns from the world you will still have people who will kill others.

Gun control advocates see guns as the evil common denominator in the gun violence equation, and I can understand why. They are, after all, the easiest part of the problem to see and understand. Someone is hurt or dead, and a gun was involved. If we removed the gun from the system, then no harm would have happened.

In truth, this is a simplistic and ignorant way to look at violence. It is the person who committed the violence who is at fault, not the gun. The fact that millions of guns are never involved in crime is ignored. In fact, if you were to point this out, you would probably be answered by one word: “Yet.”

Thus, we see gun “control” advocates for what they really are, even if they refuse to admit it: gun confiscation advocates.

The problem with this, of course, is that these  people don’t stop to consider my counterpoint, that, even in the absence of guns, the person who committed the assault or murder remains. And, there is enough evidence from countries and regions where guns are not as easily available that these criminals would, in the absence of guns, seek other weapons, and commit the same heinous crimes.

The gun confiscation advocates also completely discount the possibility that the motives of the person holding the gun could in any way influence how the gun is used. All guns, in their eyes, are used to indiscriminately kill innocent victims. Never mind the easily completed math:

According to the, operated by the University of Sidney, there are 270,000,000 privately owned firearms in the United States. In 2009 there were 9,146 firearms-related homicides. If we assume each homicide was committed with a unique firearm (which is an over-simplification, given that we know of multiple homicides with the same gun) that leaves 269,990,854 guns which were not involved in homicides.

Given the fact that gun ownership is increasing, and gun homicide rates per unit of population are decreasing, can we infer any relationship between the two? Is it possible that these numbers of guns above the ones being used for crime are being kept by law-abiding people? Perhaps the correlation is that murders are decreasing because some potential victims are defending themselves, and because would-be murderers are thinking twice before committing crime.

Which gets back to my counterpoint. If we were to remove all guns from society, there would still exist those persons who are willing and motivated to kill. And those persons would use whatever weapons were available to do so.

Likely, the murder rate would increase, since the ability for the rest of us to defend ourselves has been reduced.

In fact, the picture is even more grim, because, honestly, there is no way to confiscate all the guns from society. Even so-called gun-free societies like Britain and Japan continue to see criminals with guns. After all, if a criminal is willing to break the law in one way – drugs, robbery, prostitution – would they not be willing to break the law by owning a gun?

That brings us back around to the original comment, that this phrase is “[p]robably the most ignorant ass hat backwards slogan/statement ever!” I have to admit, I agree to a point. It’s been taken to the point where it’s become a hackneyed phrase, and it’s obviously lost its meaning on the population in general.

So, I leave you with a task: come up with a phrase to replace “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

I’ll start.

  • Lock up the criminals, not my guns.

Yours . . . ?

Kindred Spirit

Photo courtesy of Walt in PA
Over the past few months, Walt White over at Walt in PA has been blogging extensively about his USPSA shooting experience. In fact, he and I have corresponded a lot recently, via email and Twitter, so I thought, if my readers like my stuff, they should go check out his.
He’s gone from an unclassified shooter last year to becoming a C Class Production shooter. I’m D Class, in Production.
He shoots a Glock 17. I shoot a Glock 17.
He makes video of his matches. I make video of my matches. (His are a lot better. I covet his head-cam.)
He’s a architectural designer-drafter by trade. I’m a recovering engineer turned headhunter.
We have a lot in common.
Even our approach to shooting is similar. Take a recent post he had about his goals for shooting USPSA. Good stuff.
Go check him out, and while you’re at it, subscribe to his podcast on iTunes* and follow him on Twitter.
* Sorry, I don’t have the doohickey that does that. But go to iTunes and search for “Walt in PA.” You’re a grown-up.

Nerd Brag

I’ve had the pleasure to meet a lot of very good people in the shooting community. I won’t name names, but I’ve written about them in this blog before.

Today I was participating with the guys at Gear Patriot in a conversation on Twitter, visiting my post on the Twitter Accounts Every Shooter Shoud Follow. I thought of a couple of people who should be on there, even though they are not normally thought of as being in the shooting community – David Feherty, pro golfer and host of the talk show Feherty on the Golf Channel; and Alton Brown, recovering chemistry major and host of Good Eats. Both of them are avid shooters, and tweet about their shooting regularly.

Shortly, I received this reply on Twitter.

Made my day, to say the least.

101… er … 120 Twitter Accounts Every Gun Lover Should Follow

Last week, Gear Patriot published a post on the 101 Twitter Accounts Every Gun Lover Should Follow. I was pleased to see I made number 55, but also a little let down to find that he had only listed 88.

So, I decided to offer here the original 88, plus 32 more. These are accounts I follow, and I find consistently tweet about shooting, even if they also tweet about other things from time to time. I have even had the good fortune to meet some of these folks, and those are underlined.

DISCLAIMER and up-front apology: To my Twitter friends, if I left you off my list, please don’t be offended. I tried to list all the accounts that consistently tweet about shooting, that I thought every shooter would like. If I left out someone who should be there, please let me know in the comments, or, on Twitter at @FillYerHands. 

ALSO: Some of the Twitter accounts are of bloggers, but I have left off the addresses of the blogs they write, to save time and space. However, if you go to the Twitter bio, they will have their blog link there.

The Original 88:

  1. ITS Tactical @ITStactical – ITS Tactical is dedicated to showcasing the everyday gear and DIY projects that can help you live better on the tactical side of life. In a very short time they have built up  one of the largest online networks for gun, gear and survival buffs across Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and their awesome website. If you haven’t visited recently, then you are missing out.
  2. Julie Goloski Golob @julieG1 – This is the official twitter profile of Julie Goloski Golob. Julie describers herself as, “World & national shooting champion, author of SHOOT, veteran, foodie, wife & proud mom with a passion for hunting, photography & the outdoors.” Julie is an active tweeter who always shares fun and informative information.
  3. Dustin Ellermann @TopShotDustin – Dustin Ellermann was the Top Shot season 3 Champion and is an active tweeter about guns, parenting and life in general. His tweets are fun and let you connect with the real person behind the tweets. Check him out…
  4. Epic Tactical – @EpicTactical – These guys are having a lot of fun as one of the most active tweeters in the tactical guns and gear community. They offer lots of great firearm reviews and gun talk via both Twitter and their popular website
  5. F3 Tactical – @F3Tactical – These guys are pretty new on Twitter but so far they look like they are going to build a strong reputation for themselves here. Based on their profile, they are a tactical gear shop dedicated to providing quality kit to public safety professionals, military, security and responsible, armed citizens.
  6. Guns & Ammo – @GunsAndAmmoMag – This is the official twitter profile for the popular magazine and website. Guns & Ammo is one of our favorite website for their combination of gun reviews and interesting entertaining news and commentaries for gun lovers.
  7. USA Carry – @USACarry – USA Carry is a great resource for gun information related to Concealed Carry, Permit Info, Reciprocity Maps, Firearm Forums, Instructor Lists. They also have frequent Free Giveaways that make them a favorite among the shooting community on Twitter.
  8. The Ready Nation – @TheReadyNation – With over 16,000 followers, Jeff Davis is one of the most popular survival tweeters on Twitter. The Ready Nation shares information from across the web on topics such as Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, MRE’s, Freeze Dried Food, Water Storage, Dehydrated Food, Expert Survival tips.
  9. Rebecca Hauptman@RebeccaGuns – Guns mostly, with a side of DIY and a sprinkling of awesomeness.
  10. Stephanie Hayden@StephanieRJF – Mother of 2 with a kick @ss hubby and amazing job, oh yea and Im that chick on that show ;) #sonsofguns
  11. NRA@NRA – National Rifle Association of America
  12. Col Cooper’s Ghost@ColCoopersGhost – It’s just FOUR RULES! How hard could it be?
  13. GunNoob@GunNoob – Gun Noob is a resource for the beginner to intermediate shooter. If you want to learn about firearms, give us a look.
  14. Andrew Tuohy@VuurwapenBlog – I run VuurwapenBlog, which is a fact-based firearm and gear resource. I also work in the firearm industry.
  15. FourGuysGuns@FourGuysGuns – Gun tips, advice and reviews for n00bs. Because you shouldn’t have to dress in Real Tree to appreciate Firearms and not be judged. America Wins.
  16. That Texas Lady@ThatTexasLady
  17. Team Gun Blogger@TeamGunBlogger – Team Gun Blogger aims to help introduce new gun owners to the benefits of daily carry, competitive practical shooting, firearms training, and practice shooting.
  18. Chuck Johnson@gunexpert – Former officer, antique gun collector, avid hunter, family man.
  19. Michelle Viscusi ‏ @MichelleViscusi – ”Im a badass independent woman.” Errr… wait thats not me ;)
  20. Paige Wyatt@Paigeewyatt – Make sure to watch American Guns on Discovery Channel!
  21. Kurt Wyatt@kurtneilwyatt – i love my job almost as much as i love my fans.
  22. Packing Pretty@packingpretty – Assistant Director of CRPC firearms training dept, NRA instructor, action pistol competitor, martial artist, animal lover, writer, cook, wife
  23. Bruce F@Mousegunner – A blog about mouse guns and shooting gear. We cover a wide range of topics.
  24. AllAK47@AllAK47 – We want to be your primary resource for anything AK-47 or Kalashnikov related. Check us out on
  25. AR15.COM@AR15COM
  26. Monderno@Monderno – Guns, gear, knives, survival. Tweets by Brandon.
  27. GLOCK Inc.@GLOCKInc
  28. Randi Rogers@RandiMRogers
  29. GearScout@GearScout – Gear news, about, you’ll see it on the Military Times GearScout.
  30. Women’s Outdoor News@TeamWON – The Women’s Outdoor News features news, reviews and stories about women in the outdoors.
  31. Gun Politics Blog@GunPoliticsBlog
  32. Gears Of Guns@Gearsofguns – We are here to talk about firearms only. Please leave your political views at the door.
  33. Glenn fleming@flemgunner – Welder for red jacket firearms and one of the guys on sons of guns
  34. Charlie Watson@CWSonsofGuns – from Red Jacket Firearms. Appearing on Sons of Guns
  35. Allen Forkner@GrumpyGunner – I’m the PR dude for several shooting and outdoor sporting goods companies. I get paid to talk about my favorite things in the world. Living the dream kids…
  36. SHOT Show Media Day@SHOTSh_MediaDay – Follow me, Kelsey Williams, to get the latest updates on SHOT Show Media Day at the Range 2013 taking place on January 14,2013
  37. Outdoor Life@outdoorlife – Outdoor Life magazine, your source for hunting and fishing adventure!
  38. Shooting Times@ShootingTimesUS – Official Twitter for Shooting Times™ magazine.
  39. Nick Leghorn@NickLeghorn – Staff Writer for the firearms blog The Truth About Guns focusing on long range rifle and competition shooting.
  40. The Sportsmans Guide@sportsmansguide
  41. Caleb Giddings@radicaleb
  42. Regis Giles ‏ @RegisGiles – Creator/Owner of Girls Just Wanna Have, NRA columnist, self-defense activist, hunter and conservationist.
  43. Tactical – Guns & Weapons for L.E., Special Weapons for M&P, Combat Handguns, Tactical Weapons, Tactical Knives, Guns of the Old West, Pocket Pistols, Black Guns…& more
  44. Jerking the Trigger@jerkthetrigger – Tactical gear news and reviews for the regular guys.
  45. SHOT Business@SHOTBusiness – SHOT Business is the modern magazine of the shooting sports industry. It is the official publication of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).
  46. Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) @2AFDN – Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is a non-profit working to protect 2nd Amendment gun owner rights. MOLON LABE!
  47. Dan Hall@danmhall – Founder / CEO, | Passionate about using technology to add value and create efficiency within organizations.
  48. glam gun girl@GlamGunGirl – A mom, a wife, a cook, a shooter, a Bible teacher and a shark tooth hunter.
  49. Savannah@SavannieOakley – Dancer, shooter (usually not at the same time), and writer with an interest in all things tactical and elegant.
  50. The ZSA Team@ZOMBIESHOOTERS – ZSA is a new fast paced shooting sport that provides safe, competitive, firearms fun. So many Zombies, so little time. Raleigh NC
  51. Kristen Williams ‏ @TheGunChick – I heart handguns. Graduate of Gunsite Academy’s 250 and 350 classes. I’m also @TheGolfChick. Aiming for pars, birdies & bad guys.
  52. Charlie Pratt@charliepratt – I work at @bold. I co-founded @gunway. I love@katieshootsit. I like to make things, and make things go.
  53. Yankee Gun Nut@YankeeGunNut – Sporadic fire from a couple of big bores. We’re a couple of gun nuts behind the lines in Connecticut, bloviating about topics that interest us.
  54. Shannon Salyer@SMSalyer – I do PR & marketing for the hunting & shooting industry. Dressage rider & beer snob when I’m not working!
  55. Rooster@FillYerHands – Just a normal guy who likes shooting. USPSA, GSSF, NRA life member, GA Tech grad and engineer. I will question you on your BS, left or right.
  56. Haus of Guns ‏ @HausofGuns – Practical Gun & Gear reviews, advice, safety and tips for the Average Joe Shoote
  57. Gunway@gunway – A place to share your firearms & outdoor life with others.
  58. Gun Blog@gunblognews – Gun Blog and Gun News
  59. RomeoTangoBravo@RomeoTangoBravo – Stay current on the ever changing landscape of firearms related issues, products, and events.
  60. Shelley Rae@ShelleyShooting – Writer & Social Media Consultant for the firearms industry.
  61. Heidi – Lucky Gunner@LuckyGunner – Fanatical about selling cheap ammo & providing stellar customer support. We only display what we’ve got in-stock & we ship FAST.
  62. LauraBurgess@LauraBurgess – Public Relations Firm for law enforcement/military/shooting sports/fishing/boating/outdoors
  63. Tom Gresham@Guntalk – Host of Gun Talk Radio, Gun Talk TV, Guns & Gear. Talk about guns and sometimes airplanes! When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!
  64. Weapon Blog@WeaponBlog – The official Twitter page for the Weapon Blog.
  65. Shooting Illustrated@ShootingIllustr – The Internet’s Definitive Source for the Modern Shooter. Gun Guides, Videos and Articles on Firearms.
  66. GunUp@GunUp – The Leading Gun Blog Network. Gun Pricing, Product Info, News, Articles and More! Vet owned. #2A #SOT
  67. AmmoLand@AmmoLand – – Shooting Sports News Service for the Ammunition, Firearms, Shooting, Hunting and Conservation communities.
  68. – The Official Blog of the NRA’s training, competitions and National Firearms Museum.
  69. Gun Nuts Media@gunnutsmedia – Gun Nuts Media: the leading online provider for information on the guns and gear of the action shooting sports!
  70. Chris / Alicia Irwin @GunStoreChris – Business Man (Autodidact) Innovator w the hardest working wife by his side, Husband, Dad, Firearm Cognoscente: celebrities, athletes & everyday people @Gunstore
  71. The Gun Store @Gunstore – Try One!
  72. Panteao Productions @PanteaoVideos – Panteao Productions produces instructional videos taught by the top instructors in the firearms and tactical community.
  73. Ladies-Shooting@LadiesShooting – Fabulous shooting & lifestyle website, just for the girls. *LAUNCHED 1.08.11* New content every other day. Contributers always welcome. Home of the S&CBC.
  74. ArmedDiva@ArmedDiva – the Armed Diva Community. Stop by and join us on and follow my blog & for the Armed DIVApreneur!
  75. SC Gun Goddess@scgungoddess – Hard Core GLOCK Girl!,SLED CWP Instructor, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer & Glock Armorer & Glock Instructor
  76. SHOT Show@nssfshotshow – The official Twitter home of NSSF’s SHOT Show.
  77. WomenGunOwners@WomenGunOwners – Proud American born in Texas. Texas State HQ Director for Americac2c, #tcot, love smooth jazz, hunting, & great people. God Bless America!
  78. Shooting Divas@shootingdivas – Shooting Divas believes that women should not fear having a sense of security by caring a firearm.
  79. G G ‏ @girlsloveguns – I’m a fledgling gun-lover : D who writes about her experiences transitioning from a girl afraid of guns to a girl in love with guns.
  80. YouCanCarry@YouCanCarry – Providing information about firearms and concealed carry around the United States. Follow us on Facebook:
  81. – Making survival a practical matter.
  82. Armed American@USP_Compact – I’m a proud responsibly armed 1st generation American Citizen. Became a Citizen of these United States in 2010, and forever humble to be welcomed here.
  83. TheHomeDefender@TheHomeDefender – An extension of my youtube and facebook pages. Sometimes I have opinions or events that don’t warrant a video. I’m a husband and father and will defend my home.
  84. Rob Leatham@RobLeatham – Champion Action Shooter, World-Class Firearms Instructor, 6-Time IPSC World Champion, 24-Time USPSA National Champion, 16-Time Single Stack / USPSA Champion
  85. Dmitri@TheFPShow – Professional Russian.
  86. Nutnfancy@Nutnfancy – Tactical Gear Reviewer. Nutnfancy, The Nutnfancy Project, TNP, NutnfancyGear, Concepts of Freedom and Gear
  87. Tactical Daily Deals@TacticalDeals – Find the best deals on brand name tactical, military and outdoor gear with 50%-90% discounts on our site.
Fill Yer Hands’ Additions
89.     @WaltW – Walt White of the Walt in PA blog and podcast
90.     @GunDudes – who else? If you don’t listen to their podcast, stop here and go download one. Listen to it twice. Then thank me.
91.     @GunFreeZone – Miguel of Gun Free Zone. Claims to hate plastic guns, but he’s a good guy nonetheless.
92.     @ShooterGuru – Mick, the coolest shooter Down Under
93.     @linoge_wotc – Linoge of the Walls of the City blog
94.     @RangeLogDrew – Drew, founder of the Range Log shooting app
95.     @USPSA_Shooting – USPSA’s official Twitter
96.     @officialIDPA – IDPA’s official Twitter
97.     @jpr9954John Richardson of the No Lawyers Only Guns and Money blog
98.     @9mm_glock – Pistolero, he’s a shooter and a reloader. His tweets are protected but tell him you know me.
99.     @ChrisZump – Her bio says “Yankee Born, Rebel Heart miss little ignore a lot with my CZ by my side.” She shoots CS-SA and blogs at AK’s and Cupcakes.
100.  @jea_nine – J9TM, The only person I know whose name is a trademark, except maybe Chaz The Unnamed Trucker. She shoots and lives it, since she works in a gun store.
101.  @DogLegArms Mike, my favorite FFL. He used to be RKBArms, but he likes to keep us guessing.
102.  @BalloonGoesUp – Ron* of the When the Balloon Goes Up blog.
103.  @michaelbane – Michael Bane, TV host and mastermind behind most of the Wednesday night shooting shows on the Outdoor Channel. (Can we please have a contest to pick him an avi picture? An egg does him no justice.)
104.  @sheriffjim – Sheriff Jim Wilson of Texas
105.  @sdsorrentinoSean Sorrentino of the NC Gun Blog, who admits he was the second best shooter in my lane at my last Tom Givens training class
106.  @RangeMasterTom Givens’s training house in Memphis
107.  @kennblanchardKen Blanchard, pastor and Black Man With A Gun, from the blog and podcast The Urban Shooter. Note that there are TWO “N”s . . . . if you leave one out you will follow the management guru, which isn’t a bad thing, but he doesn’t shoot nearly as well.
108.  @TrailerdaysThirdpower from the Days of Our Trailers blog
109.  @InJennifersHeadJennifer of In Jennifer’s Head blog
110.  @sayuncleblogUncle, of the blog Says Uncle
111.  @SebastianSHSebastian, of the PA Gun Blog, formerly Snowflakes in Hell
112.     @bitterb – Mrs. Sebastian
113.     @myguncultureTom McHale, Literary Assault Dude at the My Gun Culture blog
114.     @thegunwire – The Gun Wire feed
115.     @Gunservatively – His bio reads “Jesus is LORD! • ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ! • The right of Citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves & the State shall not be questioned.” ‘nuff said.
116.     @Gunsncoasters – Steve, of the website Glocked and Loaded. The man loves Glocks and roller coasters.
117.     @TamSlick Tam of the View From the Porch blog, and one of the most outspoken people in Gundom.
118.     @bjnorris355 – Competitive shooter BJ Norris
119.     @ParaTT1 – Competitive shooter Travis Tomasie
120.    @spweber54 – Stan Weber, a great shooter in Arkansas
*Ron’s evil twin Don used to write it.

Announcing a Live Twitter Event

Wednesday October 26 is the 130th anniversary of the legendary Gunfight at the OK Corral, immortalized on film in several movies. To me the best is Tombstone.

Anyone who’s followed me on Twitter for any time knows how much I like this movie. When it comes on TV I’ve been known to live tweet it, 5 or 6 times.

I am planning to watch a video copy, without interruption, starting at 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time on the evening of October 26 (01:00 UT 27 October).

I will be live tweeting my thoughts, lines, and other sundries using the hashtag #Tombstone. Please join me.


I’ve done some research, and I find it fascinating to read the eyewitness accounts of the fight. I especially like that the court testimony of all the participants still exists, especially that of Wyatt Earp. A good many of them are listed in the References section of the Wikipedia article on the fight.

Reading these testimonies, one reason I like Tombstone the best is that director George Cosmatos seemed to go to lengths to match the action they portrayed to what the participants said happened.

More as the day approaches. . . .