More Twitter Accounts Every Shooter Should Follow

At the top of my blog page, under Links, is 135 Twitter Accounts Every Shooter Should Follow. This started with a post on the Gear Patriot blog, and I have updated it several times.

Here are my latest additions.

129. @ShootingUSA – Jim Scouten, producer and host of Shooting USA

130. @PantsFree – Robb Allen of Sharp As a Marble.

131. @Keith1911 – Keith, with a penchant for antique cavalry pistols

132. @MrColionNoir – Mr. Colion Noir of Youtube fame.

133. @PincusRob – Rob Pincus, Owner of I.C.E. Training Company & developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program. of Combat Focus

134. @urnbanarmed1 – Josh from the Urban Armed blog

135. @RonaldGAdams – Colonel Ron Adams, airline pilot, USAF pilot, and competition shooter.

As always, if you know of accounts I should follow, let me know. And, be sure to follow me, @FillYerHands.