Kindred Spirit

Photo courtesy of Walt in PA
Over the past few months, Walt White over at Walt in PA has been blogging extensively about his USPSA shooting experience. In fact, he and I have corresponded a lot recently, via email and Twitter, so I thought, if my readers like my stuff, they should go check out his.
He’s gone from an unclassified shooter last year to becoming a C Class Production shooter. I’m D Class, in Production.
He shoots a Glock 17. I shoot a Glock 17.
He makes video of his matches. I make video of my matches. (His are a lot better. I covet his head-cam.)
He’s a architectural designer-drafter by trade. I’m a recovering engineer turned headhunter.
We have a lot in common.
Even our approach to shooting is similar. Take a recent post he had about his goals for shooting USPSA. Good stuff.
Go check him out, and while you’re at it, subscribe to his podcast on iTunes* and follow him on Twitter.
* Sorry, I don’t have the doohickey that does that. But go to iTunes and search for “Walt in PA.” You’re a grown-up.