USA Ammo – Reader Help

Some time back, I shot and reviewed some 9mm ammo from USA Ammo. I even wrote a follow-up.

These posts continue to be some of the most popular on this site

However, I have had some problems with shipping on the last couple of orders, and some of the commenters on my posts have reported the same thing.

I have written them several emails which have gone unanswered, but before I close the door on them, I’d like to get your take –

What has been your experience with USA Ammo?

I will comment probably once a day, and on June 25 I will forward comments and all to USA Ammo.

Thank you for your help!

3 thoughts on “USA Ammo – Reader Help

  1. I bought some from them over a year ago, and it seems to go boom when I pull the trigger and it got here within what I considered a reasonable amount of time. But that was over a year ago. It would be unfortunate if things changed that drastically.


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