From Steve Rogers to Captain America – Part 2

Some time back, I used a Tapco stock kit, bull barrel, and other parts to turn my Ruger 10/22 from Steve Rogers to the beginnings of Captain America.

Basically I turned this stone stock Ruger 10/22

to this tactical tack driver:

I will tell you, it shot very well indeed.
Well, recently I had some time on my hands while I made barbecue for Memorial Day, so I painted the stock, to turn the gun, at last, into Captain America.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain:
Carried courtesy of the Dauphin

That’s a $10 gun show foregrip, and a Tapco Red Dot mounted Scout Rifle style, which really works well. It lets me shoot it with both eyes open and preserves excellent peripheral vision. Quite a difference from the unpainted version.

Now, to paint the Gun Cart Mark II to match. I have plenty of paint left.