Match Checklist

Courtesy of Everyday No Days Off
In the course of seeing how bad the video quality was from the Memorial Day Steel Match, compared to the HD video I shot earlier, I edited my Match Checklist this morning to add my HD camera. I use this checklist to remind me of what I need to do, and I typically start it a few days before the match.
I thought I would share it with you. Here’s the checklist. Feel free to copy it for your own use.
Clean and inspect
q  Detail strip Bruce, inspect all parts, safety check
q  Install (-) connector on Bruce
q  Clean Bruce as needed
q  Lubricate
q  Inspect magazine bodies, springs, and followers
q  Inspect belt, holster, and magazine pouches
q  Inspect and clean hearing protection and eye protection
q  Load magazines
q  Make up sports drink
q  One water bottle in freezer
q  Print directions to the range
q  Bruce
q  Liberty
q  Magazines
q  Extra ammo
q  Clean towel
q  Sweat towels
q  Eye & ear protection
q  Knee pads
q  Hat
q  Sunscreen
q  Bug spray
q  Rain gear
q  Granola
q  Lunch
Load car
q  Shooting bag
q  Armorer case
q  Camping chair
q  Extra ammo
q  Gun cart
q  Golf umbrella
q  Water and sports drink
q  Directions
q  Still camera
q  HD video