So, Why Do You Carry A Gun?

I get asked that often, and most times I politely explain that I do so to protect myself and my family.

We live in a Southern town, where the idea of gun ownership is never questioned, except perhaps in the negative, as in “What do you mean, you don’t own a gun?” In fact, as you probably know, city ordinances in Kennesaw where I live require every home to have a gun. When I moved in the neighborhood ten years ago, the second or third question, behind where did I grow up and where do I go to church, was what kind of guns do I own. We then compared the guns we were carrying. It was nice.

But at dinner a few weeks ago with some fellow bloggers, Sean Sorrentino, whose profile as a gun blogger exposes him to that question many times more often that I, quoted Tam* and gave a more tacit explanation:

Because F**K YOU, that’s why.

Thanks to the Second Amendment, we don’t have to give anyone a reason why we own guns. I give one to people who ask nicely, because I want to be a good ambassador of gun ownership.

There are those, however, who oppose guns, gun ownership, gun portrayal, gun media, gun owners. And, as Jay G said in an expansion of this thought on his site:

For those whose minds are slammed shut like a steel trap, “BECAUSE F**K YOU THAT’S WHY” works just fine…

Sad that we have to answer that way, but they don’t seem to understand any other reason.

* Edited. Thanks Sean.

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