More Political Incorrectness from Adventure Outdoors

Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Georgia, probably my favorite gun store in the world, has done it again.

When you vote in Georgia, you are given a nice peach sticker that says “I’m a Georgia Voter.” Now, if you bring that sticker to the store, you can register to win a new Glock 22 or a Browning hunting rifle.

This, of course, has drawn the ire of a local politician, State Senator Vincent Fort, Democrat of Atlanta. And, no, Adventure Outdoors is not in his district.

I’m not sure how well the idea will hold up, considering there is a law in Georgia prohibiting anyone from offering money or goods in exchange for voting or registering to vote. But, it certainly will provide enough publicity for the store. Besides, the only proof you need to bring in is a sticker, and I keep my extras in the drawer, so I can wear two or three at a time. That gigs ’em, too.

3 thoughts on “More Political Incorrectness from Adventure Outdoors

  1. Can I enter as many times as I’d like? Since I don’t have to show ID to vote, I can get a bunch of them stickers.

    Sorry man, I couldn’t resist. 😀


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