Gun Free Zone Resources


If you’ve followed this blog for any time you know how I feel about Gun Free Victim Zones. These areas make warm and fuzzy sense to those who ride unicorns to work – if we just make Places Where Guns Are Off Limits then no one will bring guns, and we will all be safer.

The problem, of course, is that the only people who obey these zones are law abiding people. Criminals, who by their nature break the law, see no problem ignoring one more law, especially since they know this is one place they won’t have to deal with pesky armed potential victims.

Well, Jim Scoutten, host of Shooting USA on the Outdoors Channel, now provides some resources to help you let your local owners of Gun Free Victim Zones just how you feel about it.

Click over to his site and you will find flyers and cards you can hand out both to Gun Free Victim Zone purveyors, and to those who choose to continue to allow us to protect ourselves.

Check it out.