Magpul Sets The Bar

Magpul noBy now it’s no news to the shooting community that Magpul Industries is leaving Colorado because of the onerous gun control legislation being passed there, chiefly the ban on standard capacity magazines.

It is one thing to say, as a company, that you will not sell to police or government in states that prohibit the sales of your product to their general citizens, as 136 companies have said the the state of New York. But Magpul is setting the standard even higher. It will certainly cost Magpul a lot of money to move its operations, but they are willing to do that, so they can operate somewhere that their own employees can buy their products.

Now the onus is on us, as gun owners and citizens, to make sure Magpul’s efforts are not in vain. I’m not saying to buy Magpul because of that they do, although I think buying one magazine would be a great symbol. I am saying that we can’t let them be the only company to take a stand. Other manufacturers in Colorado and elsewhere need to take the same action as Magpul.

What all this comes down to is respect. The Colorado legislature doesn’t respect its citizens, and they are showing that. After all, there is no logical reason, much less evidence, why lower magazine capacity makes anyone safer. Yet, the legislature and the governor are telling the citizens of Colorado that they know best. Further, they don’t respect the companies who pay the taxes and provide the jobs in their state.

Now, I know companies like Smith & Wesson and Colt have been in their locations in Massachusetts for a long, long time. They have a connection to the area. But the government of Massachusetts doesn’t respect them either, and it’s time for them to take a stand, and take their business to a state where they are respected.

As for the rest of us, we need to continue to take a stand. Speak out. Never let disrespect go unchallenged. A government of the people only works if the people are involved.