Why We Must Train The Next Generation

Dealing With The Front Door - The Family DiscussionIt is obvious that the gun control factions in Washington and at the state level are not going to take their recent defeats at the national level as final. They continue to press their agendas, especially at the state level, and will likely do so without ceasing.

Consider a couple of recent events:

By now their goal is clear. They intend to so stigmatize guns and gun ownership that the next generation of Americans will agree to, if not demand, the anti-gun faction’s final goal, complete confiscation.

That is why is it up to us, law abiding gun owners, to raise the next generation to resist and reject the anti-gun agenda. If we don’t, we risk losing it all in less than a generation.

What can we do to resist? How can we raise and train our own children to see that the Second Amendment protects American liberty at its core?

  • Teach them to shoot. That’s easily the most simple thing we can do, because it will reinforce to our children that the messages they hear from the ant-gun side are false and misleading.
  • Support youth organizations that support shooting. Sebastian writes of the Boy Scouts in his area who are expanding their program. Make it work in your area.
  • Encourage them to take up shooting sports. The Dauphin, shooting in the picture above, is going to start competing with me this summer, shooting my G19.
  • If you hunt, take them hunting. Passing that on to the next generation is a time honored, tested way to pass along our way.
  • Speak out against the lies that the anti’s spread, and make sure your children know the difference.
  • Above all, be a responsible owner. Stay safe, and teach safety. When our children feel comfortable around guns, the lies will be obvious.

What are some of the things you are doing to pass along our liberty?