What the 2014 Elections Mean to Gun Rights

Braun tweetThis week, as everyone knows, the Republican party gained control of the senate, and increased its margin of control in the House of Representatives.

Sadly, despite elation in the social media similar to the above, the elections, in a nutshell, mean absolutely nothing to the cause of gun rights.

Yes, there are some good things we, as law abiding gun owners, can take away from the elections:

  • A lot of the senators who voted for the flurry of knee jerk gun control laws following the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2013 were defeated, as we expected they would be.
  • The GOP now controls both houses of Congress, making further gun control legislation even less likely.
  • More importantly the GOP controls the senate. In view of the advancing age of some of the more staunchly pro-rights Supreme Court Justices, namely Scalia and Thomas, it makes it a lot harder for a liberal president to sway the court toward gun control.

But here is the truth, none of which is affected by these elections:

Hoplophobic liberals will continue their quest to ban and confiscate guns in the United States. They are unaffected by the elections, the makeup of Congress, real public opinion, or anything besides their own desire to take away our guns. A cursory glance at their responses in the media this week make that clear.

Rich anti-gunners like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg will continue to spend to achieve their goals. Do not be fooled.

The key to handling the anti-gun factions is the same as any other threat in life: awareness. Do not let bozos like Ken Braun lull you into a false sense of security. Keep your awareness all the time. Never go into Condition White.

Know this: the times ahead are slightly less bleak for the cause of gun rights, but our worries are not over. Not by a long shot.