Using A Hot News Item to Advance Gun Rights

FlagsGiven today’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, many are calling for using the same argument of 14th Amendment guarantees of equal protection under the law to push for national reciprocity for concealed carry licenses.

While I have pointed out previously that a national law requiring reciprocity would be unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment (and I won’t go into that argument today), I can see where a 14th Amendment argument might have some merit, provided the result isn’t that they then say that we must adhere to the most stringent carry licensing requirements. And don’t think the left wouldn’t make that argument.

But my point today is that while we need to strike now to take advantage of the hottest news item, let’s go one step further, and take advantage of the slightly less recent full court coverage of America’s new-found abhorrence of all things Confederate.

It should be obvious to anyone who studies the history of gun control in America, but the current concept of licensing concealed carry goes back to the Jim Crow era in the South, following the war. So, we should strike while the anti-racist iron is hot, and demand a repeal of concealed carry licenses altogether. 

If we are going to take advantage of a hot news item, let’s go all the way. Demand equal protection under the law, without government interference, and take it to its logical conclusion.  Anything else is a waste of a good opportunity.

4 thoughts on “Using A Hot News Item to Advance Gun Rights

  1. Iona Brown-Pusey

    Again liberal retards mess with the facts, the argument is not for national reciprocity, it’s about states recognizing a right I have in my home state. If my home state has the wisdom to issue a permit for concealed carry then every state must recognize that permit. Just like driver’s licenses and now gay marriage licenses. Get your head out of your liberal ass so you can see the facts. Dumbass.


    1. Wait. What do you think the definition of “reciprocity” is? Its other States being reciprocal to yours and recognizing your permit. Wow.

      And when you give driver’s licenses as an example, make sure you have your facts straight. There is, in fact, an agreement among the States to recognize other States’ licenses. Otherwise your license would only apply to your State.


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