Range Officer’s Nightmares

Proof that as an RO, you need to have your head up and in the act always.

A collection of runs that would make the RO crap their pants . . .


I plan to keep my eye out for these and add as I find them. Send yours to me, please.

3 thoughts on “Range Officer’s Nightmares

  1. Dan

    I’ve never shot those courses. My worst day: a young lieutenant, standing on top of a two-man fighting position while the Soldiers in our BCT company go through Squad, Platoon Offensive Tactics course. Two Soldiers in the hole, shooting. One has a jam…and turns to me, muzzle first, saying “Sir, my gun jammed!” An M16 has a really big flash suppressor when that’s all you can see! The Senior Drill Sergeant stopped me from ending my career, thank God. I went to the smoking tree for awhile…


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