Campus Carry is Coming to Georgia


The Georgia Senate today passed HB859, by a vote of 37 to 17. Already passed by the Georgia House, the bill goes to the desk of Governor Nathan Deal, who has already said he will sign it. And when he does, God willing, I will be there.

This bill allows concealed carry of handguns by licensed permit holders on college campuses,  except in dorms, sorority or fraternity houses, and at sporting events.

Any reader of this blog knows my views on Gun Free Victim Zones. And this does away with one such zone.

Thanks go to for leading the fight.

One thought on “Campus Carry is Coming to Georgia

  1. Mistawillis

    I am all for non-gun free zones, but where will the college kids be able to safely store their weapons when they go back to their dorms? Their car? And where will they be able to clean and maintainence their weapons? In general, campus carry is good, but there are several logistical issues that still need to be accommodated for with this bill.


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