Update to The Pledge

I have not added anything to The Pledge in a long time. But it seems to me like everyone recently has been talking about carrying with an empty chamber.

Okay, I get it. You are too scared of your own gun to carry safely. So suck it up, and keep the discussion to yourself.

So, here is The Pledge, updated. You may access it at its own page.


When posting on-line I will never:

1. criticize anyone for using “clip” instead of “magazine”

2. get in a discussion about which caliber is acceptable in a gunfight

3. get in a discussion about whether you should use a Glock grip plug

4. criticize anyone about how often they clean their gun

5. criticize anyone for what cleaner or lubricant they use

6. call a shotgun a shottie

7. call a revolver a wheelgun

8. call Walmart “wally world “

9. post simply “+1”, “well said,” or some similar agreement, except as part of a retweet, thereby showing my endorsement and agreement

10. accuse anyone of kool-aid drinking

11. tell you that your gun or ammo is unsafe* or junk

12. change your words and say I “fixed it for ya”

13. tell you to move to a gun friendly state

14. use profanity frivolously

15. have a contest that is announced on one or more sites but only available to members of another site.  I.e. no “Facebook only” contests that are announced on Twitter.

16. get in a discussion about Israeli carry

* unless I think it is unsafe in my opinion as a Certified Glock Armorer, in which case I will tell you why I think so, and what I think you should do about it.