Please Take the .22 Pledge

On Monday before the election, I was doing what a lot of gun owners were doing, buying ammo. I don’t have to tell you why. 

I was chatting with another fellow about the Olde Days, before Sandy Hook, when .22LR ammo was $5 a brick. I was making an observation that, should Donald Trump be elected, maybe we could relax and stop hoarding.

He smiled at me and agreed. Then he admitted he had 6,000 rounds at home.

And he had a brick in his hand. 

I smiled and put my ammo in the cart, and we headed out.

And I thought to myself, you wonder why there’s a shortage.


Please stop hoarding .22LR!

I have a brick and a half, but it’s what I shoot (when I can). 

So I am asking, now that (it seems) the threat of the repeal of rhe Second Amendment is gone, that we all pledge, especially for .22, to only buy as much ammo as we shoot.

Let’s say you shoot a brick of .22 in a month. If you have twelve bricks at home, don’t buy any more .22 for six months. Then you’ll still have six months in reserve.

Then, buy a brick a month. No more. Buy what you use, no more.

You know what will happen? In those six months that you don’t buy, the price will go down, provided everybody else does the same.

Do the same for the other calibers you shoot. Keep a reasonable amount – for me that’s three months, but you decide for you.

So, Dear Reader, if you agree to take this pledge with me, please say so in the comments. Then come April, we’ll see where the .22 price is.


The Pledge

Clip or Magazine?

Yes, there is a difference. But is it important that we chastise anyone, especially casual gun users, or worse, non gun owners, for using them interchangeably?

I read several gun forums, and on a lot of them, the quickest way to get the ire of some forum members is to use a word incorrectly. My observation is that the words “magazine” and “clip” seem to be the ones that draw the most ire from gun purists when they are used interchangeably. Yes, they mean different things. But how important is that? Important enough to alienate someone over?

Are we not all on the same side? Should we not be inclusive to shooters who are looking for advice from those who’ve been there before?

When the zombies come, and I’m shoulder to shoulder with another shooter, shooting his AR, and he asks me for a clip, am I really going to rummage around in my Maxpedition bag and pull out an SKS stripper clip of 7.62×39, and toss it to him? Then laugh as the zeds eat his brains?

Be careful, oh ye language snob. If you insist on separating common usage from technical usage, you made find yourself in trouble.

An example: is this snake poisonous?

Now, if you held this up and asked a biologist who was also a “gun forum purist,” you would be told “no.” And you would almost immediately be bitten, and die a painful death.

That’s because the rattlesnake is not poisonous. In fact, I’ve eaten it prepared several ways, and have never suffered any ill effects from eating its meat.

Is it venomous? Oh, hell yes! But venomous is not poisonous. So sorry, you asked the wrong question. Oooo. You might want to put your feet up and call 911.

Now, if someone asks me if a rattlesnake is poisonous, I say yes, unless they have it skinned and breaded and the fryer is hot. In that case, get out the wing sauce, and let’s go.

All this needs to end. We need to act civilly, and be inclusive rather than snooty and exclusive.

To that end, I present The Pledge. It’s an expansion of something I read in the signature line of user ManNamedJed on GlockTalk, and I send him my thanks.

First, let me say, I do not mean ill of anyone who does not take The Pledge. You may choose to act the way you do, it’s a free country, and they are free forums. But, I believe that following The Pledge not only will make us more inviting to new shooters and new forum members, but it will make forums a lot more pleasant to use.

The Pledge

When posting on on-line gun forums, I will never:

1. criticize anyone for using “clip” instead of “magazine”
2. get in a discussion about which caliber is acceptable in a gunfight
3. get in a discussion about whether you should use a Glock grip plug
4. criticize anyone about how often they clean their gun
5. criticize anyone for what cleaner or lubricant they use
6. call a shotgun a shottie
7. call a revolver a wheelgun
8. call Walmart “wally world “
9. post simply “+1”, “well said,” or some similar agreement
10. accuse anyone of kool-aid drinking
11. tell you that your gun or ammo is unsafe* or junk
12. change your words and say I “fixed it for ya”
13. tell you to move to a gun friendly state
14. use profanity

* unless I think it is unsafe in my opinion as a Certified Glock Armorer, in which case I will tell you why I think so, and what I think you should do about it.

If you agree with me, and want to take The Pledge, feel free. I’m going to include that fact in my signature lines on all my forum profiles, with a link to this page.

Then maybe, in time, we can get to the real work of shooting better, preserving our freedoms, and enjoying life.

Edit: On 6/9/2011 I added the phrase “When posting on on-line gun forums” to the beginning of the pledge, lest anyone think I meant to adhere to this in everything.