An Update to the Pledge

One of the most annoying and disappointing things about online discussions in places like forums and Facebook pages, is when someone gets upset because someone uses a common, simple substitutional word for a more complex, yet more accurate word. The best example of that is when someone, admittedly usually a newcomer to the shooting sports, uses the word “clip” when referring to a magazine. Then, hell breaks loose, and all the self-righteous Keepers of the Faith immediately chastise the newcomer, instantly destroying whatever conversation was going on about magazine changes or springs, or whatever.

My frustration about this never-ending rant led me to compile The Pledge, the first line of which is: When posting on-line I will never criticize anyone for using “clip” instead of “magazine.”

Recently, I have been involved in many discussions about gun carry rights in Georgia. Here, the document granting government permission for citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights is called a Georgia Weapons Carry License. A citizen must be in possession of one of these cards in order to carry a loaded handgun in any manner outside of one’s home or business. Note, this applies whether the gun is carried openly or concealed.

However, in a lot of states, the permission granted by the government only applies to a concealed gun. Hence, many states and their citizens call this a Concealed Carry Weapons License, or CCW for short. Seeing that many people living here in Georgia grew up elsewhere, many of those discussing GWCL details unknowingly refer to them as a CCW. When this happens, almost invariably the Keepers of the Faith immediately lambast them, and spend tens of minutes explaining how the laws in Georgia work, even if the original post author was only wondering how long they had to be a state resident in order to get a license.

I say all that to explain that I have now added point 1a to the Pledge:

1a. criticize anyone for referring to a Georgia Weapons Carry License as a CCW.

Please join me in pledging this today.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “An Update to the Pledge

  1. Florida’s is a Concealed Weapon License (CWL) but I will go CCW because it is the accepted general term that everybody understands. And if some purist has a problem, he can GFHWANT


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