Live, Dead, or Undead?

Last week I talked about my upcoming gun projects. The three projects on my plate are to refinish my shotgun, build an AR-15, and pimp out my Ruger 10/22.

I did some research on the first pieces for my AR. I think I’ve settled on the lower above – the Zombie lower from Spike’s Tactical. The brand comes well recommended, and I especially like the labeling on the safety selector – Live > Dead > Undead. I spoke to my guy at Lakeside Guns and they can order it for me. I’ll stop by this weekend and get it coming.

I should be able to order the rest of the AR lower by the middle of July. In the meantime I’m going to try to find a local gun shop that carries them.

Also, after trying in vain to find a local shop that carried Duracoat, I ended up ordering some flat black and a Hogue overmolded stock for my Mossberg 500, online. It should be here in time to complete the project the second weekend in July.

Of course, I will document all my work and post it as it happens.

One thought on “Live, Dead, or Undead?

  1. Everyone who has a Spike's Zombie lower seems to love them. The markings on them are especially cool. It was my understanding that they were pretty hard to get so if you can obtain one, do it!


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