Five Guns I’ll Probably Never Own

I read this recently in two other places.  Given that I have addressed the other side of the coin, here and here, I guess I can go the other way.

Here are my 5 that I’ll probably* avoid.

5. Any .380 Auto

I just don’t see the point. Cost and size are roughly equal to the 9mm, and it’s made on the same equipment as 9mm so the availability is always going to be at the mercy of the 9mm supply. I’m not looking for a micro mouse gun I can wear concealed with a bathing suit, and if I wanted a gun that would hurt my hand every time I shot it I would get a .500 Magnum.

4. M-1 Carbine

I already have a Ruger 10/22, so this niche is filled.

3. Any .40 SW

Unless I decide to migrate to Limited or Open in USPSA. But for now, my 9mm does fine.

2. Remington 700

I’m not a hunter, and I’m not a big fan of bolt action. I know they are really smooth and tack drivers, but I can use the money elsewhere.

And finally . . .

1. Any 1911

No surprise here. I can list my reasons . . .

I don’t have the need to re-holster while riding at full gallop. I don’t see paying double for my ammo, and carrying a third the number of rounds.

I’ll stop here.



* I won’t rule out any gun, especially if it’s a gift. Let’s say I won’t spend good money on these.

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    Easy partner, I have just because I can as a right and hobby, love th all, just like females, all unique in the own special way…


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