Five Guns I Will Gladly Own

In light of my post the other day about Five Guns I’ll Probably Never Own, and seeing that others like Kevin have posted their wish lists, I thought I would update my Wish List that I published a couple of years ago, and amended. . . .

1. AR-15 

I’ve completed this one, in the form of Ol’ Painless. Check.

First Shot 2

1 (substituted). Kriss Vector

I got to shoot one of these at the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot. It’s a full auto, suppressed, .45ACP machine gun that uses Glock magazines. Because of how the internals work, the action itself helps reduce recoil, so that it is really one sweet shooting machine.

I would even settle for the semi-auto version.

Here’s a video I shot of John at No Lawyers Only Guns And Money shooting one. Enjoy.

2. M-1 Garand

I live about 2 hours from the Anniston CMP Armory, so I could drive over and select my own M-1 from their inventory. I also had the fortune of meeting the Georgia CMP Director, who offered his help in getting a good selection.

3. AK-47

Image courtesy of WarriorTalk News

I think I would prefer a modern Saiga, although a nice wood-furnitured Kalashnikov would be great, too.

4. Glock 35

Courtesy of

This is one reason there is an asterisk in my list of guns I would not own. I wouldn’t buy a .40SW for defense, but if I decide to build an Open gun for USPSA, this is where I will start.


Yes, a SCAR-Heavy would be nice, but this will run me a lot less.