Please Stop Making Terrorists Famous


As I have spoken of many times before, one of the most compelling reason for nutjobs to become mass shooter terrorists is to become famous.

So, I am asking, again

  • Stop using the names of mass shooters
  • Stop showing their faces

You can ask on Twitter; those are 2 quick ways to get me to stop following you.

Yes, they are dead. But this will also serve to embolden their followers and those who also want to be famous.

So, please. Stop making them famous.

One thought on “Please Stop Making Terrorists Famous

  1. Braden Lynch

    I’m all for freedom of the press, but they are truly culpable in promoting terrorist attacks and copy cat crimes.

    We as the consumers of the news need to write and call them to complain and most importantly tell their sponsors that we are mad.

    They can still publish plenty of tawdry details without identifying on the air or in print the identity of these SOBs. They should really be calling them nasty names. They should be referred to as the despicable, evil, SOB who murdered people in location X. They could be assigned abbreviations or numbers like in the medical literature for reference purposes while also robbing them of attention. Their notes and manifestos should not be published, but the police should use them to figure out how to stop the next attack.

    However, journalists utterly lack morals. I like to refer to the MSM as the “water-carrying whores for the Democrats and Obama” which they surely are. They are apologists for the satanic religion of islam. They despise Christians and they love murders by abortion and celebrate the perversity of homosexuality. So, in all, they are aligned with evil and not good, so I am not holding my breath they will change.


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