Please Stop Making Terrorists Famous


As I have spoken of many times before, one of the most compelling reason for nutjobs to become mass shooter terrorists is to become famous.

So, I am asking, again

  • Stop using the names of mass shooters
  • Stop showing their faces

You can ask on Twitter; those are 2 quick ways to get me to stop following you.

Yes, they are dead. But this will also serve to embolden their followers and those who also want to be famous.

So, please. Stop making them famous.

A New Year Approaches

A new year approaches, and, like most people, I have been looking at my life, and taking inventory. I am making changes in a lot of areas, some that I may share here, but in terms of this blog and my interaction with my readers, and like minded gun owners in general, I see a lot of room for improvement.

Now, one thing I know about myself, is that I am very quick to make proclamations of change, but nothing changes.

However, in view of the current threats to our freedoms and way of life, from within and without, it’s clear I need to make these changes.

First, I have almost entirely gotten away from competitive shooting. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but between work and family I have somehow convinced myself that USPSA and GSSF come last. So today I made my renewals and set in motion changes, and I will start competing again in January.

Second, I see that I’ve made about 2 posts per month on this blog, which, frankly, disgusts me. Look for more posts coming, good or bad. Your feedback is welcome.

Third, I am going to take a more active role in Second Amendment support, through the NRA and Considering my wife joined both, the morning after the Paris attacks, this shouldn’t be difficult.

So, look for more from me. And, know that I’m not just saying it this time.