Please Help Borepatch

As we reported a couple of days ago, our friend and fellow blogger Borepatch ran afoul of the roadway in Florida and wrecked his motorcycle, breaking several ribs and his collarbone in the process.

Being the supportive and kind people we gun bloggers are, Miguel at Gun Free Zone immediately suggested a plan:

Training Wheels for Borepatch start

We have proudly stepped up to help.

Training Wheels for BorepatchPlease give.


Of course, it occurred to me that if he were wearing his kilt at the time of the accident, we may need to raise the target, to pay for rehab for the First Responders.

More to come.

Blogmeet AAR

I was privileged to spend yesterday evening in the company of a number of other bloggers, for dinner and drinks and discourse, all arranged by Mr. and Mrs. Borepatch. The catalyst for it all was Sean Sorrentino’s visit from North Carolina on business. We were joined by Robert of the Second Amendment and Liberty blog, and his wife, and by TerriLiGunn of the ReloadNRetry blog.

As you can imagine from such a diverse crew, the conversation was literally all over the place. Some of the topics included:

Sean’s recent vacation in Europe. Suffice to say I am glad I live in the USA; how we got into shooting, and he we got involved in blogging; military experience, some overt and some covert; the absurdity of languages that assign gender to nouns; hair and lack of it; and how to deal with anti-gunners’ apoplexy over why we choose to carry a gun (thanks to Tam for supplying the consensus approach).

Interestingly absent from the discussions was any kind of caliber preference, either via rifle or handgun. I think we agreed tacitly that the best gun is the one you have.

We are starting to plan some kind of Georgia Blogger Shoot later this spring or summer. We are looking for suitable outdoor venues, and will be exploring them. In the meantime, suggestions are welcome.

Double Barrel 1911

Courtesy of The Firearm Blog

There has been quite a flutter over this in the blogosphere today. Supposedly this gun holds twice the amount of .45ACP, so it’s All That And a Bag of Chips. There are two triggers but one slide, so I can’t imagine shooting one shot at a time.

My Glock 21SF holds 13 rounds of .45ACP plus one in the chamber. And it weighs 28 ounces fully loaded, versus about 6 pounds for this monster.

Yes, there is the Cool Factor. Plus, if you know that all the USPSA stages are going to be paper targets, it would be neat to shoot them all with one sight picture each.

But, where are you going to get a holster?